Sandro Jäckel

student and hobby programmer


About me

Published Jun 05, 2019


I play computer games since I am 7 years old. I started with Settler 5, Anno 1602 and Sim City 4. When I was 11 years old I discovered Minecraft on a friends birthday party through one of his friends and was really skeptical first but when I tried it I instantly fell in love with it. Shortly after that I got interested in Modding trough direwolf20 and fell in love with mods like Applied Energistics, Tinkers’ Construct or Tech Reborn a remake of another mod I like namely GregTech 4.

Then in 2011 I discovered Factorio trough Myratax. It has everything I loved about Modded Minecraft and was heavily inspired by it.

The following years I did several side projects including an Android app, contributions to several open source projects, the creation of several Telegram notifications channel and a few Docker Images. I started collecting Steam games and run a public 1:1 trade bot. In 2018 I started publishing mods for Factorio.

Later that year I started to archive all game downloads and mods, the website and wiki. I have plans to do the same for HumbeBundle Trove downloads in the future.

Personal Projects


Canuby is my attempt to write a modular and very flexible dependency manager that can download, build and stage multiple languages.


I maintain a cheat-sheet where I try to collect one-liners and other usefull script snippets.

Docker images

All docker images I wrote live in that mono repo and get daily builds and pushes to Docker Hub.

I try to make every image multiarch (amd64, arm32v7, arm64v8) where native arm binaries are available or easily coss-compilable (eg Go) or the project is based on a scripting language.

Emoticons Sticker Pack for WhatsApp

A small app that adds 140+ stickers to WhatsApp.

Factorio mods

I have written severall mods for my all time favorite factory-building and management game Factorio.

My oldest mod is from well before the mod portal and only lives on the forums. You can get the source from GitHub.

Factorio mod archiver

The first data archiving script I wrote. It collects all factorio mods, downloads them with a hash file and optionally uploads it all to Google Drive.

Factorio mods bot

A small Telegram bot that sends messages to a Telegram channel whenever a new mod gets released or an existing one updated.

Projects I contributed to:


I am one of the maintainers of the factorio server docker image. My main task is it to keep the build system up and running.

ModOrganizer 2

I worked on the build system for ModOrganizer 2 that is written in python.


I maintain several Telegram channels:

Renovate Nightlies Update Channel (Custom ROM disconinued):

Factorio Mod Portal Updates:

Two private notification channel for school schedules changes. If you want to be added on those write me a mail or contact me trough other means.